Parent/Community Support

Future CLASS recognizes that improving an ELL student’s educational experience by assuring high quality instruction must be accompanied by measures to improve the parents’ and families’ assimilation opportunities.

Future CLASS for Diverse Learners:  Objectives for Students & Parents
Parent/Community Meetings. On-going parent/community meetings for prioritized schools with the most diverse populations:

  • Topics include orientation to US schools’ expectations and culture
  • Adult English classes
  • Understanding of the Ohio New Learning Standards
  • Supporting homework
  • Transportation, interpreters, and incentives provided

Communication Supports via Interpreters/Translations & Web Resources.

  • Partnership with Global to Local Language Solutions to provide interpreters and translate massive documents of Southwest Ohio’s top 5 languages spoken
  • Resource website – online depository of translated documents and resources open to ALL*

Language Software and Technology. English Language Development (ELD) software (Rosetta Stone Foundations & Advantage – formerly Tell Me More) available for 5 years to ALL Cincinnati Public School and Princeton City School students and parents. Read more about integration of English Language Development software into programs to assist parents.

  • English, including vocational ESL for students/parents pursuing careers in health care, hospitality, etc. in 5 primary spoken language

Future CLASS parent/family supports and strategies to meet the above  primary objectives include:

  • Scheduling “computer lab” meetings where parents can access and engage with ESL software to improve English skills
  • Expanding the relationship with Su Casa where adult English, literacy and GED classes are already in place
  • Improving  communication with parents  by providing robo calls in Spanish (and other most often spoken languages), specifically on snow days
  • Improving dissemination of information in regard to student/parent rights, specifically to immigrant parents
  • Increasing access to preschool for ESL families
  • Assisting illiterate parents in securing access to adult literacy classes in their area
  • Providing speakers and presentations on topics of interest to ELL parents
  • Using meetings to communicate summer school/ESL summer camp options to parents
  • Targeting K-7 L1’s and/or the exceptionally low L2’s (newcomers) for tutoring and/or other special supports

Parent/Community meetings in the form of language classes and weekly get-togethers at the school site (including transportation) are currently in place at the Academy of Multilingual Immersion Studies and Roberts Paideia Academy. Future CLASS will expand to Parker Woods, Midway, Hartwell, and Dater HS in the near future, and to the remainder of both districts’ schools in the following year.
*Form/Document Translation.
Future CLASS has contracted with Global to Local Language Solutions to translate the most needed school, district, and state forms and documents in the the top five languages spoken in the two school districts. Online Translated Documents Repository