TESOL Endorsement Scholarships

Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

After completing the intense TESOL training, our teacher leaders have been used as key trainers within their school buildings, advocating for and leading training for other educators and community partners in the region on ways to effectively support ELL students for long-term academic growth. Grant funding covered the direct costs of the endorsement program courses along with graduate credit towards the professional development  while any ongoing costs were covered through other consortium sources.

Future CLASS for Diverse Learners provided a minimum of 100 educators across the two school districts with tuition scholarships for courses leading to the TESOL endorsement 
at Xavier University.

There were several levels of scholarships available. The Future CLASS TESOL Endorsement Scholarship covered the tuition cost of all of the following six courses to be completed by August 30, 2016. This scholarship did NOT cover the cost of course textbooks. TESOL Endorsement Courses at Xavier University include the following:

EDRE 569 – Phonics & Foundations of Literacy (prerequisite for future courses)

EDEL 650 – Foundations of TESOL (prerequisite for future courses)

EDEL 651 – Instructional Strategies for ELLs

EDEL 652 – Culturally Responsive Teaching

EDEL 653 – Effective Assessment Practices for ELLs

EDEL 654 – Aspects of Language & Sociolinguistics

Scholarship awards were dependent on the following criteria:

  • Nomination from at least one parent/guardian or staff member in participant’s district
  • Letter of recommendation from at least 1 other key individual
  • Completion of the online application
  • Submission of a current resume
  • Provision of evidence demonstrating strong commitment to supporting ELL’s and their families
  • $300 Future CLASS class program enrollment and processing fee to CPS